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Let's Talk

Let’s connect is an online platform where
you can find and connect with PROFESSIONALS,
Mental Health Support Providers such as
Counselors, Therapists, and Coaches
that meet your specific needs.

It is FREE to browse our database, there’s no membership fee, you can contact the PROFESSIONALS directly and you only pay for the sessions that you take with them.
There’s no contract, and you can connect with as many PROFESSIONALS as you want.

You can also request for Free ‘active listening’ support provided by volunteer SUPPORTERS.
(based on availability)

Stay Connected During Coronavirus Pandemic

LetsConnectProject wants to contribute to helping people to stay connected during this challenging time when ‘social distancing’, ‘self-isolation’ and ‘stay at home’ actions are imposed.

These actions are important to help reducing the virus from spreading; however, prolonged isolation can be harmful to our mental health. especially to those who are prone to depression and anxiety.

There are many proofs that talking and connecting with others help to reduce stress and anxiety.

We want to help to eliminate a sense of isolation by providing an online platform where people can connect with each other; to talk and to support each other emotionally.
Please join us at LetsConnectProject to stay safe and stay mentally healthy.

Want to help?

Join our community of ONLINE SUPPORTERS.

The world needs you.

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