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About Me

The focus of my practice is on relationships. I believe so much of our mental wellness comes from accepting ourselves, and having supportive emotional intimacy in our closest relationships. From that solid foundation we begin to feel free to create the life we always wanted. We develop the courage that allow us to feel both safe and alive. I work with couples, families and individuals. I welcome relationships of any and all constellations. Working with couples and families I use a technique developed to explore the interrelational dynamic. This allows us to see our stuckness from a macro-level, and opens up for a deep sense of connection. We can begin to share vulnerably how we experience ourselves and the other, building trust and resilience together. Our most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. I work with people of all ages who struggle to find their way in life. Self-acceptance, a sense of purpose, and trusting who they are in relationships. When we can be in and accept our experience in the present moment, we start to realize that we may already be living a life that we love.


  • Family Stress
  • Relationship Stress
  • Self-Esteem

I also have experience in Breakups, Coping with life changes, Forgiveness (struggling with), Spirituality,


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