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About Me

I help angry people, to reduce or remove the need to be angry. I help people to communicate more authentically, to get the outcomes that help them. I help people to see conflict as a tool, rather than something to avoid. I help people to understand their unmet needs, and how to get them met well, for healthier lifestyles. Make sense of your behaviours, and decide whether to keep them, or to find good reason to change them. I encourage you in understanding and naming your emotions, to know what to do with them instead of hoping they go away. If you feel angry, different, nerdy, left out, alone, depressed, anxious, or stressed - try therapy. I find anger stops us enjoying our lives. It's possible to reduce the affects of anger, and even the need to be angry. It is possible when we realise more of the "why" we do things. You will be understood here. I'm interested in people's world view, and their subconscious beliefs. We base our lives on something, and that affects how we react, relate & interpret. - for more insights from others who have been counselled, and their perspectives on the process.


  • Depression - Anxiety
  • Forgiveness (struggling with)
  • Managing Emotions

I also have experience in Talk Therapy, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Breakups, Family Stress, Loneliness, Relationship Stress, Self-Esteem, Self-Harm, Social Anxiety, Spirituality, Student Life,


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