How does it work?

If you are a mental health support provider

If you are a Mental Health Professional: Psychologist, Counselor, Therapist or a Mental Health Supporter: Lay Counselor, Coach, Peer Support Specialist, you can list your online practice on LetsConnect Platform for free. There is no membership or subscription fee.

When you join LetsConnect, we will provide you with these services:

  1. Client Bookings
  2. Clients can book a session with you using an online booking feature that you can customize to fit your working schedule.

  3. Getting Payment
  4. Clients pay in advance when they book a session with you, and the payment will be transferred into your ' wallet ' (your account at LetsConnect) within 24h once the session is complete. You can withdraw the money from your wallet anytime you want. A client has 24h to cancel or reschedule before the agreed scheduled time. If a client does not show up, they have 24h to reschedule the session, and if they do not do it, the payment will be automatically transferred to your wallet.

  5. 24/7 Tech and Customer Service
  6. So, you do not have to do it yourself.

  7. Marketing
  8. We run ads continuously to raise public awareness and introduce you to the potential market to help you get new clients.

  9. Super Secure Video Calling Service
  10. We partner with Doxy to provide you with the best telemedicine video calling service in the world. Doxy meets worldwide security requirements; it is HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, and HITECH compliant.

    You can use Basic Doxy for FREE. For use of Premium Doxy, receive a discount code for being a LetsConnect member.

We've all been there. We know how it feels like to be under a rock and to believe, with all of our heart, that there's no way out and that we'll be in that exact same spot tomorrow. And we know how good it feels when we know that there's still someone that cares, who won't judge us, but at the same time believing that we can get out from under that rock. And we eventually did.

Now let's pay it forward.

Being a peer supporter has proven to be a very rewarding experience for many people. Please join our community of Peer Support Volunteers at LetsConnect. The world needs you.

Our Community

WorkWithTheBrainYouHave Community

Our Facebook Page started in November 2019. It now has over 57,000 followers, and it has turned into an active online community. We also have an Online Private Group within the Page where people with various mental health conditions from different parts of the world passionately support and encourage each other.