We want to make mental health support available for anyone, anywhere in the world, at a price that fits their budget.


LetsConnectProject is a Total Telehealth Solution where Mental Health Professionals: Psychologists, Counselors and Therapists, and Mental Health Supporters: Lay Counselors, Peer Support Specialists, and Coaches can offer their service through online sessions.

It is like an ' ONLINE Office Space ' where they can offer their service to the world.

We are part of the World Telehealth/Telemedicine initiative, a method that involves the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care outside of traditional health-care facilities.

If you are a practitioner who joins LetsConnectProject, we will help you with:

  1. Client Bookings

    Clients can book a session with you using an online booking feature that you can customize to fit your working schedule.

  2. Getting Payment

    Clients pay in advance when they book a session with you, and the payment will be transferred into your ' wallet ' (your account at LetsConnectProject) within 24h once the session is complete. You can withdraw the money from your wallet anytime you want. A client has 24h to cancel or reschedule before the agreed scheduled time. If a client does not show up, they have 24h to reschedule the session, and if they do not do it, the payment will be automatically transferred to your wallet.

  3. 24/7 Tech and Customer Service

    So, you do not have to do it yourself.

  4. Marketing

    We run ads continuously to raise public awareness and introduce you to the potential market to help you get new clients.

  5. Super Secure Video Calling Service

    We partner with Doxy to provide you with the best telemedicine video calling service in the world. Doxy meets worldwide security requirements; it is HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, and HITECH compliant.
    You can use Basic Doxy for FREE. For use of Premium Doxy, receive a discount code for being a LetsConnectProject member.

There is NO membership or subscription fee to join LetsConnectProject. We only charge a small service fee of 7.5% when a booking is confirmed to help LetsConnectProject run smoothly and to cover the costs of the products and services we provide, like 24/7 tech and customer support.


LetsConnectProject is also a platform where people can be an Online Volunteer to give emotional support for those in need through text messaging. It is to help those who are in a situation where they cannot afford to pay mental health support services.

If you want to volunteer to support others, you can do it by Signing up as a volunteer here on the platform or by joining our Private Facebook Group.



Our Facebook Page started in November 2019. It now has over 47,000 followers, and it has turned into an active online community. We also have a Private Group within the Page where people with various mental health conditions from different parts of the world passionately support and encourage each other.


LetsConnectProject platform was designed by a mental health patient.

Sophia was an active teacher who taught business management and entrepreneurship in university. In 2014, after experiencing several losses, Sophia fell into a severe depression bout that lasted for months.

She got help from an experienced psychiatrist and got diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and Inattentive ADHD. She was an outpatient for over a year while she was still working: teaching and mentoring her students. She also did counseling twice a month, which helped her tremendously.

One day, one of Sophia’s students had a mental break down in front of her during a business mentoring session, telling Sophia that her best friend just died of suicide. Sophia knew she had to do something.

Sophia saw an unmet need in the world, which is: easy access to affordable, good quality mental health support.

Sophia started designing LetsConnectProject Platform in 2019. With the help of her partner and her team of programmers, Sophia’s innovative design was turned into a reality.


We are an international team that works remotely together. LetsConnectProject is a social venture startup in the telehealth domain. Our seed funding was kindly donated by donors from Canada, Australia, and the USA.

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Sophia Athena


Sophia got her graduate degree in business management from Capilano University. She is passionate about technology and how it can enhance people's lives. She loves coffee.

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Community Leader

Kylah got her honours degree in psychology at the University of South Africa. She is a trained lay counsellor. She believes in the African philosophy 'Ubuntu' which emphasises coming together as a community to help one another through compassion and kindness.

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M Irfan Alfiansyah

Apps Developer

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Akhmad Fairuzi Ifan


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Alfian Azis


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Ronald Arrival F.

Community Builder

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Alan Langsford

Community Builder