How it works

  1. To connect with a Supporter and get unlimited text messaging, you will need to pay a monthly membership fee of $9. (Note: you get 7 days FREE of unlimited messaging when you first sign up for you to try the platform).
  2. You can browse the list of Supporters or use the filter feature to find the Supporter that you think may be a good match, and you can request connection by clicking the ”Let’s Connect” button on the Supporter’s Profile, then leave a text message asking for connection. You can also tell the Supporter why you want to connect with her/him.
  3. The Supporter will text you back, and will tell you if she/he can accept your request or not. If she/he accepts the request, you can start the connection through text messaging. You can also request her/him to do a voice/video call (using the Token system as explained below).
  4. If for any reason the Supporter that you requested cannot accept your connection request, you can browse the list of available Supporters, and do the connection request process again.
  5. You can connect with as many Supporters as you want, but we suggest you to stay with one or two that feel like a good match for you, and work with them on a constant basis to achieve your goal (ex: to learn coping skills for dealing with depression and anxiety.)
  6. We use Skype for the text and call conversation. You can use your own personal Skype ID, or make a new one specifically for use with the Supporters, if you prefer.
  1. When you sign up as a Supporter, make your profile interesting and simple but also clear and informative.
  2. When you get a text (connection request) from a Seeker, please do reply to her/him as soon as possible. If you can take the request, go ahead and make the connection happen. But if you cannot take the request for any reason (ex: you already have too many connections to tend to), please politely tell her/him that you cannot take the connection request, and encourage her/him to make another request to other available Supporters.
  3. We also ask you to change your status to ”currently unavailable” if you cannot take any new request from Seekers.
  4. Please do your best to support the Seeker while keeping the connection healthy and effective.