Feeling Lonely?

Going through a hard time?

Lost someone you love?

Struggling with depression and/or anxiety?

Living with mental illness/brain disorder?

Working towards recovery?

You are not alone

Let's Talk

LetsConnectProject is an affordable a FREE online
Peer Support and Active Listening Service

Mental pain hurts.

Don't go through it alone.

It is not a sign of weakness

to ask for support.

We are all in this together.

Talking helps.

Sometimes you just need
to get things out in the open
to feel better about them.

Yes, I want to connect

Want to help?

We've all been there. We failed and fell flat on our face. We have experienced the feeling of being stuck under a rock, feeling despair, believing that nothing would change.

But then there was this person, someone who cared. Someone who listened to us without judgement. Someone who validated our feelings and thoughts, but at the same time believed in us and encouraged us to get back up; and we eventually did. Now, let's pay it forward.

Join our community of SUPPORTERS.
The world needs you.

Yes, I’d Like to Help

LetsConnectProject is a digital platform that connects

( people who seek support )


( people who provide support ).

Our Supporters are Peer Supporters and Lay Counselors
who work independently
and are using our platform to provide their support service.

Connection Heals

Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen."

- Brene Brown

LetsConnectProject is a Social Venture Startup.

Our mission with LetsConnectProject is to make it easy for people to connect and help each other no matter where they are located; even in remote places.

Stay connected during Coronavirus outbreak

LetsConnectProject platform is FREE to use, both for supporters and seekers.

As a team at LCP, we have decided that we will provide our service to all for unlimited text messaging.

LetsConnectProject wants to contribute to helping people to stay connected during this challenging time when ‘social distancing’, ‘self-isolation’, and ‘stay at home’ actions are imposed.

These actions are important to help reducing the virus from spreading; however, prolonged isolation can be harmful to our mental health, especially to those who are prone to depression and anxiety.

There are many proofs that talking and connecting with others help to reduce stress and anxiety. We want to help to eliminate a sense of isolation by providing an online platform where people can connect with each other; to talk and to support each other emotionally.

Please join us at LetsConnectProject to stay safe and stay mentally healthy.

It is FREE for SEEKERS to connect with SUPPORTERS through text messaging.

(See the notification in the text box above)

LetsConnectProject Platform is a very affordable place for SEEKERS to find support.

It is free for 7 days to try, then $9 per month for unlimited text messaging with SUPPORTERS.

SEEKERS can also connect with SUPPPORTERS with voice/video call for only $ 4,50 per 30 minute session. As a SEEKER, you can have as many sessions as you like. The money you pay will go directly to the SUPPORTER you talk to. LetsConnectProject DOES NOT take any commission from this connection.

LetsConnectProject Platform is FREE for SUPPORTERS to use to offer their support. As SUPPORTERS, you will earn $ 4,50 for every 30 minute session of voice/video call with a SEEKER.

NOTE: We are in the process of building our own messaging system (for text and voice/video call), but in the meantime we are using Skype plugin for our messaging system.

Let's Connect ..

Let's Connect ..

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Eric Richardson
Licensed Counselor
Currently Not Available

Hi, my name is Eric. I have a wife and two kids. In the past, I worked as a mental health counselor in Florida, but I currently work in ministry. I have been living in Indonesia for the past 5 years working with local churches. I'm a big proponent of peer helpers and active listening. Often times people just want to be heard, but don't feel comfortable sharing with someone in their immediate circle. This platform offers people the opportunity to share what's on their heart in a way that fosters openness which in turn lends itself to healing.

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Let's Connect
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Shelley Hughes
Lay Counselor

Hi I am qualified in level 3 intergritive counselling, currently studying for a Dregree in Counselling & Psychotherapy. I am a mother & wife. I am currently able to offer support via a person centred approach which is lead by the client talking through any thoughts & feelings they may wish to discuss.

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Let's Connect
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claudio boni
Peer Supporter

be happy and nothing else

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Let's Connect
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