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To Purchase Membership
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Sorry for the inconvinience, at this moment we only accept PayPal. All prices are in US $.

Stay connected during Coronavirus outbreak

LetsConnectProject platform is FREE to use, both for supporters and seekers.

As a team at LCP, we have decided that we will provide our service for FREE to all.

LetsConnectProject wants to contribute to helping people to stay connected during this challenging time when ‘social distancing’, ‘self-isolation’, and ‘stay at home’ actions are imposed.

These actions are important to help reducing the virus from spreading; however, prolonged isolation can be harmful to our mental health, especially to those who are prone to depression and anxiety.

There are many proofs that talking and connecting with others help to reduce stress and anxiety. We want to help to eliminate a sense of isolation by providing an online platform where people can connect with each other; to talk and to support each other emotionally.

Please join us at LetsConnectProject to stay safe and stay mentally healthy.

Start your LetsConnectProject Membership

With LetsConnectProject Membership, enjoy unlimited text messaging with any available Supporter on the Platform, and the option to have voice/video call with any Supporter at a very affordable rate.

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$ 9 / month


Save 30% !

regular $ 108
$ 75.60 / year
only $ 6.30 / month

Purchase Token for Voice/Video Call

  1. Each token costs $4,50 and you can use it for one session of voice/video call with a Supporter of you choice. Each session is maximum 30 minutes long.

  2. If you don't have a LetsConnectProject membership, you will not be able to use the tokens you bought to do voice/video call session.

  3. All token purchases are final. We will not reimburse you for any unused tokens. Tokens will expire 1 year from the purchase date.

  4. LetsConnectProject DOES NOT take any commision from token sales. All money from SEEKERS will go directly to SUPPORTERS.

Amount Of Token

Price Paypal Transaction Fee

Total Price

1 Token $4,5 $0,52 $5,02 Buy NOW
5 Token $22,5 $1,35 $23,85 Buy NOW
10 Token $45 $2,38 $47,38 Buy NOW
25 Token $112,5 $5,49 $117,99 Buy NOW
50 Token $225 $10.67 $235,67 Buy NOW